White Water Park is located downstream of the Ullum dam on the Rio San Juan River, about 18 km from the city. It is a section of river artificially modified by KCSJ (Kayak Club San Juan) for creating the park. The area is very popular to participate in many outdoor sports such as mountain biking, trekking, running, motocross, paragliding, zip lining, rappelling, etc.

San Juan Area:

  • The area of this province is 89,651 square kilometers, This region is predominately mountainous interspersed with large valleys.
  • The climate of San Juan is arid . Precipitation is very rare. Temperatures range from 26-36° C in January, and 8 -16 ° C in July No months have a rainfall of more than 20 mm
  • Population: 680,000
  • Geographic Location GPS: LAT.31 ° 32 ‘S • LON. 68 ° 31 ‘O
  • Time Zone: San Juan is located in the center-west of the country, the region and shares whose time zone (GMT -3)
  • Elevation in White Water Park: MSNM ALT.710
  • Climate: By October is generally sunny and average temperature (15°C). Due to the scarcity of clouds and dry environment, it makes it feel much warmer (25°C)
  • Electricity: 220V
  • Phone: International code for calls is (+54) and the code for internal calls in San Juan is (0264). For emergencies call 911.
  • Hospitals: The closest hospital is about 10 km from the park, Marcial Quiroga Hospital, and can handle most emergencies.

2017 World Championships will take place the 28th November – 2nd December in the Rio San Juan White Water Park, located close to San Juan.
This park has a hole, where they train local competitors (San Juan, Mendoza, Neuquen, Salta, Tucuman) and international competitors have visited from further afield (Chile, Peru, Brazil, USA, Russia, Spain, France, Poland) to practice their routines on this wave.

Previously we have hosted three International competitions here in San Juan.
1° and 2° Sudamericano and 1° Pan American Freestyle Kayak

We have also hosted the National Championships of Argentina Cup Freestyle Kayak event and Kayak SASO Fest.

In 2016 we hosted the ICF World Cup events 1 & 2 !!



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